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2037-05-25 06:08 pm

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2014-08-27 07:55 am

fanart: Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife. EX-Soldier )

Late night doodle. Trying to get better at coloring. (So I took some style clues from the Amnesia anime)

(My coloring stye is not very consistent.) (/(エ)\)
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2013-01-25 10:30 pm

Fanart: Wizard, the Wizard.

Fandom: Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Character: Wizard
Notes: Even though I've been playing a lot of A New Beginning as of recent, it inspires make Animal Parade fanart. I don't know either. XD Ah, it would've been great if Wizard was in ANB instead of another Witch...Anyhow, he rocks that hat better than the Witch does. :p

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2012-10-16 04:51 pm
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My first flash assignment a few weeks back was to make use of the symbols tool in Flash, so of course, me being the everloving FF dork I am, I animated Dissidia!Moogle floating about:

It took a while for me to tweak the bits that seemed off and then tossed in the background and the music.

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2012-05-02 12:02 am
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Art: Layout Designs.

Just some pieces from my layout and design class. Which I might add that this semester ended terribly, but....Let live, I guess. :|

Here they be. )
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2012-01-13 02:13 am

Fanart: Wizard, the stargazer.

Fandom: Harvest Moon Animal Parade
Character: Wizard
Notes: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale! <3 If I had a Wii, I would get Animal Parade and marry the shit out of Wizard cause he is hnnnng~ ...Yeah, that's right Wizard is my new favoritest HM bachelor ever and I haven't even played Animal Parade. 8|

...He just seems like my kind of guy, yes? xD I've noticed that I can't do my lineart neatly or that I don't have the patience to do clean lineart anymore...

DA link
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2011-08-06 02:55 am

Fanart: IN WATER

Fandom: Silent Hill 2
Character: James Sunderland.
Notes: Silent Hill fanart?! From me?! The fraidy cat who's too chickenshit to play horror games by my lonesome in the dark?!

Well, as it turns out, I can handle watching horror survival games being played. Yup. So. What started as a quick photoshop doodle while watching Silent Hill 2 playthroughs on youtube quickly devolved into this mess. (Heaven only knows how much I’ve bitched about the lines and colors and how much I’ve bitched about how I hate bitching about the lines and colors.) The only bit I like about this? The background that took me 20 minutes to do.

...I notice that I have a tendency to listen to the Silent Hill OSTs whenever I'm sad and anxious.

James. You made me happy. )
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2011-04-20 01:35 am

Fanart: MSPaint Expressive-kun

Fandom: Blame!
Character: Killy
Notes: Was doodling in MSPaint on my tablet for a bit. End result: Killy in Headphones. Student!Killy wore headphones in Blame! Academy, right?

...Speaking of, I wonder what kind of music Student!Killy would listen to anyways.

MS Paint Doodlage )
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2011-03-09 04:25 am

Fanart: Yellow And Yellow Forest.

Fandom: Pokemon Special
Character: Yellow
Notes: Birthday fanart of my favoritest PokeSpe character ever, Yellow. Featuring Pika, Chuchu and a whole bunch of other Pikachu apparently from Yellow Forest. ...Maybe a bit late, yes? Done in my sketchbook with watercolors.

A girl and a tiny armada of pikachus )
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2009-06-03 02:27 pm

Icon Post #1.

First icon post! not like anyone cares I've been meaning to post this here for some time. :3 I would like critique, yes. :D

13 icons in total
13/13 -- Draw With Me by Mike Inel

For you. )