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Just some pieces from my layout and design class. Which I might add that this semester ended terribly, but....Let live, I guess. :|

The only thumbnail drawings I liked. Out of the 18 I did. Of which I was supposed to do 30. 30 I could've easily done but every time I scanned them in they looked so horrible I kept going back to redo them and...OTL

A wheat field in the day time. After slapping down the watercolors I thought that the whole entire thing looked rather bland so I went back and drew the deets in with a mecha pencil. Though, I wish I had taken in some consideration and added in some clouds but by that time it was already too late, the paint was drying.

I'm not gonna lie, but this is from Tales of Symphonia 2. Truth be told, I'm not too good with colors, especially when one color is naturally blending into another. Like sunrise/sunset, so I used that particular scene from Symphonia 2 as a study. OTL ....I just realized that last paragraph made no sense.

My attempt at a night time/dusk scene. I don't like how the grass came out overall, (yeah, that green bit) but I do like how the stream reflecting the sky came out.


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